Meet Your Trainer

Debra has been a Registered Veterinary Technician for 20 years and in that time has worked with all manner of species from rodents and reptiles to primates and, of course, dogs.  In every role her aim has been the same - to improve the lives of animals in human care through better understanding of their behaviour.

Debra earned a certificate of excellence for her work in the Living & Learning with Animals course in 2014 and became a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner in 2016. She keeps up with the latest information and techniques through yearly courses as well as regular seminar and conference attendance.  Her most recent accomplishment was becoming a Family Paws Parent Educator in 2019.

Debra saw a real need for qualified, educated professionals using the most up to date, positive methods in the field of dog training.  It was this that inspired her to share her expertise through The Learned Canine in order to help dog owners and their beloved companions understand each other better.  In addition to providing one-on-one in-home sessions, Debra also teaches group classes and workshops at The Centre for Canine Education.

Debra's passion for behaviour is contagious and she delights in showing people just how fun training can be - for dog and owner alike.  For her, there is no greater gift than to see that human/animal bond grow and blossom once the lines of communication have been opened.