Behaviour Modification

There probably aren’t many dog owners who can say that they are 100% happy with their dog’s behavior 100% of the time – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Some problem behaviours are no more than a minor annoyance while others can be extremely destructive or potentially dangerous. Whether it’s aggression towards other dogs or people, excessive barking, fears or phobias, separation anxiety, or simply that you are tired of your dog pulling you down the street, we can help. It is never too late to make improvements to your dog’s behaviour, and he or she will be happy you did. We use desensitization and counter conditioning and all of our methods are based on positive reinforcement, making behavior change fun for both you and your dog. We promise that you will notice an improvement not only in the problem behavior, but in your relationship as well!

With in-home training sessions, issues can be addressed right where they are occurring, with flexible scheduling to best suit your needs. Simply fill out our registration form to get started.