Adult Dog Training

Whether you have just adopted an older dog or have owned him or her since puppy hood, there is no time like the present to improve behavior and strengthen the bond between you. We use positive reinforcement which makes the experience fun for both you and your dog. You get the results you want, and you get to see your dog blossom as he starts to understand what you want and how he can earn rewards for his behavior. Everyone’s quality of life is improved!

The adult dog training starts with you filling out our registration form below to let us know a little bit about you and what you would like to accomplish with your dog. We will then set up an in-home consultation/training session at your convenience.

We will start out by addressing any issues or concerns you are having with your dog and then work through things such as:

  • Getting your dog’s attention

  • Coming when called – the first time!

  • Good manners

  • Polite leash walking

  • Settle in a crate or on a mat

  • Immediate and enthusiastic response to sit, down, stay & heel

All of this will be done in your home and/or neighbourhood at a pace that best suits your dog/human team.